About AqabaIX
Aqaba IX is the first neutral Internet exchange in Jordan, located in the coastal city of Aqaba that has a strategic regional location on the Red Sea with terrestrial and submarine cables access. It enjoys a modern infrastructure, global connections, and a prime location for Telecom and Satellite communications services.  
AqabaIX is open to any network operator and content provider that believes that they can make their content and network more efficient through peering.
Benefits of Internet Peering
In todayís market of exploding bandwidth traffic volumes, enterprises, network operators, CDNís and cloud services providers peer to exchange their Internet traffic.
Reducing latency
Allowing high speed data transfer
Improved performance
Providing fault tolerance
Reliable exchange of traffic
Enhance security
Increased routing control
Peer at Jordanís First Carrier Neutral Internet exchange, if youíre
 OTT and cloud service providers
 Scale your CDN
 Make your service platform direct accessible from many networks
 Deliver content to the MENA regions
 Internet Service Providers
 Reduce your IP transit costs
 Accelerate application and content delivery to your end users
 Companies and organizations
 Access directly content and service platforms
 Accelerate communications with the end users
 Be in control of your routing and peering policy
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